> I can’t read books. When I even manage to do a bit of reading, 4 pages is my average before I shift places and do other activities. I wonder given that my house is full of books. My friends are book lovers. Summaries, notes, and forced reading with 4 colors for highlighting have helped me through medical school and specialty training–albeit always slow and mediocre at that.

> I cannot take tests from front to back. I have to jump from one page to another at random.


> I keep forgetting simple things–keys, namestamp, steth, money. This definitely costs me a lot of time whenever search and go back for any of these.

> I have never sustained keeping a wallet. Always lost.

> I would enjoy a movie… then forgot what it was about, right after.

> I don’t remember listening for the entire duration of the lecture ever at all in med school. (I told myself a lot, nobody does 🙂 )

> I kept losing important papers until I made it a rule not to throw anything until I go to leisurely take a second look at the papers some other time.

> The norm is to open 6 main windows at a time… with an average of 7 tabs open in each window. That is on top of an average of 4 other applications open.

> I love working with everything on–2 laptops and an iPad in front of me.

> I have found it stressful to write a decent composition at a forced time in school with just pen and paper. I need the computer!!!

> Ningas cogon is my name. I like projects until I get bored finishing them.

> I catch myself a lot of times stopping of at a middle of the word to write several other lines on my orders in my medical chart

> I will never be trusted to remember directions. I will always be lost, even inside the mall.

> I have difficulty keeping a smooth flow in my patient consults, I would jump to ask from one topic to another about their history.

Until, I considered and accepted I have ADHD.