I have been looking around for excellent iPad apps for my to-do list. By far, I think Pocket Informant Pro  is the best.  It is presently priced at US$8.99.

The things I like about it are:

1. It integrates with the native iPad calendar.  It even adds functionality to the iPad calendar.  It took sometime to answer the question, “How do I set an iPad calendar event every 3 weeks?”.  As of writing, the native calendar doesn’t have that functionality and it breaks my heart as a medical oncologist because a lot of chemo schedules occur every 3 weeks.

This app gives you the flexibility of repetition every w days, x weeks, y months, or z years! You can also specify the end of repeat event by the number of occurences, i.e. after 6 occurrences.  You can also specify to repeat every 1st Monday of the month.   We You can add directly from this app or edit events already entered from the iPad calendar and these changes will be reflected in the iPad calendar. So nifty, eh?

2.  It gives the ADDer a visual panel for the most important tasks that are recommended by self help books:

A.    Calendar and scheduling – as discussed above
B.    To-do lists  –     What I like about this the most is that you can organize the to-do lists by folders. So you can view all to-do lists together or by folder.  You can also add one-level children to the parent tasks. Also, it sorts the task by assigned priorities and allows one to specify percent completion.   As in the calendar, you can also add repetitive interval tasks.
C.   Notes –  The notes can also be filed under the folders.  The advantage of this is that you can view notes and to-do lists together in a list by viewing a folder.   The notes can even include pictures directly taken from the app, pics from the gallery, and contacts.   I particularly like being able to take pictures directly from the app, so that when I’m in a rush and I have to take down a  number, I can do it by taking a picture.  You can add tags and icons to each note to make it more visual.
D.  Contacts access – you can email, send a message, or facetime a friend quickly from the app.