Stop thinking about ADHD

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Like many professionals, who knew about their ADHD late in their life, I also found that I have been adapting to my ADHD without knowing I had it. I think I was lucky to be nurtured in a home that encouraged me to develop my strengths and helped me through my weaknesses. So I returned home after my recent epiphany…

“Mom, I have ADHD”
“No, you’re too bright to have ADHD”
“You don’t understand, mom.”
“Yes, I don’t understand. All I know is that the more you think about it, the more you are led to believe you have it. So don’t think about it.”


I have always wondered why…

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> I can’t read books. When I even manage to do a bit of reading, 4 pages is my average before I shift places and do other activities. I wonder given that my house is full of books. My friends are book lovers. Summaries, notes, and forced reading with 4 colors for highlighting have helped me through medical school and specialty training–albeit always slow and mediocre at that.

> I cannot take tests from front to back. I have to jump from one page to another at random.


Too Many People with ADHD


I told a colleague once, “You know what, I think you have ADHD.”

She confidently shrugged me off, “Really? Well, that’s ok, I am functional, anyway.”

For a moment, I thought I just said something too invasive and out of her comfort zone.  I was tempted to go back and tell her, “Oh, I didn’t mean to judge you.  I am just at the very moment when I am wondering how real adult ADHD is… because I think I have it.”

But she seems happy and accomplished in life, so she might have considered she had ADHD before and she was working well with it so there is no need to fuss about it.   Indeed, there are many among us who may have ADHD, very classically so.   Maybe some know of it but choose to ignore it and still get by.

American data say there are about 3-5% of the population with ADHD.  That’s quite a lot.  In children about 2/3 of the 9% diagnosed take medications.  My own backward thoughts says, “in time, that would mean we’re going to be a drugged population… ewwww.”

Then I saw this article that raises the possibility of people playing up their symptoms of ADHD:
Adults who claim to have ADHD? 1 in 4 may be faking it